Despite the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 increasing in screen size over the first-generation model, making the jump from 3.

Fitbit Ace 2 Makes Fitness Tracking Fun For Kids And Families | Digital Trends

Although the handset features a largely plastic construct, the Galaxy Ace 2 is a surprising sturdy and well put together device, offering little unwanted flex or creaking when placed under considerable amounts of stress. As pleasing as the Ace 2's design is, it is far from unique, sharing a number of characteristics with many of Samsung's most recent Android powered devices with a large, rectangular home button dominating the device's face.

These familiarities aren't necessarily a bad thing; however, with the Ace 2's smoothly curved edges and slim form factor creating a device that is extremely comfortable in the hand as well as remaining of an eye-catching nature. One design feature that has unfortunately made the jump to the Ace 2 is the Samsung Galaxy standard flimsy and fragile back panel.

Offering little reassurance when being removed, the scarily thin component leaves you nervous of snapping when being removed to access the SIM, microSD and battery.


As well as increasing in size, the Galaxy Ace 2 has added weight when compared to its predecessor, although only marginally. Despite adding 9g of weight compared with the original Galaxy Ace model, the Ace 2, which weighs a reasonable g, is a reassuring device to hold, not so heavy as to feel uncomfortable but sturdy enough to act as a confidence boosting weight in the hand.

With a rounded-edged finish, the Ace 2 is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand with the slightly textured back panel offering a small, but hugely reassuring amount of additional grip that will stave off accidental drops and slips.

Fitbit Ace 2

With little to take away from the handset's seamless and curvaceous form factor, the near mid-market device features just three physical controls with the standard sleep turn power button lining up alongside the equally familiar volume up and volume down options. Although the volume controls are located in an area prone to accidental presses from errant fingers and thumbs when held in either a standard right and left handed manner, the buttons are reassuringly stiff enough so as not to cause concern. Phone Optional Required. By clicking "Send" you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and agree to receive newsletters and promo offers.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review

Cars H-L. Cars M-O. Cars P-Z. The winner of each challenge earns a trophy that is added to their profile in the Fitbit app. Because it does not have a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking on the Ace is 2 basic.

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It automatically detects when your child goes to bed and when they wake up. All of this information is sent to the Fitbit app where you or your child can view it. By default, it is set to 9 hours, but you can change it. Just like step goals, children will be rewarded when they reach their sleep goal.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Pictures

You can set a bedtime reminder to help your kids keep a consistent bedtime. You also can set a vibrating alarm to wake them in the morning if needed. The vibration is soft so you should test it first. It woke one of my children consistently, but not the other who slept right through the buzzing. If your child has a phone, they can configure the tracker and monitor their progress using a kid-friendly interface.

My biggest gripe is switching between kid and parent view — you have to enter your Fitbit password each time. Kids can change their clock faces and choose and avatars, but for safety reasons they can only connect with parent-approved friends.

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  • They also can send messages to friends as well as cheer and taunt them, in a friendly way. But not every child under 12 has a phone, and that is where problems arise. When I first set up the Ace 2, I was logged into the parent account, and the device was attached to my account. If a parent uses their smartphone to sync the Ace 2, then they will have to switch between the parent view and the kid view.

    The problem is every time you switch back to the parent view, you have to re-enter your Fitbit password, which is a frustrating inconvenience. Like most Fitbit devices, the Ace 2 is equipped with Bluetooth to sync to a mobile phone or tablet. The tracker syncs throughout the day if you enable all-day sync.

    Price List by Country for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 i8160

    Otherwise, it will sync automatically each time you open the Fitbit app in kid view mode. Most of the time, syncing was reliable, but we did have to restart the device a few times to get it to sync. The Ace 2 supports notifications, and it issues gentle vibrations so kids are aware. Kids can receive notifications from the Fitbit app, including low battery alerts, new badges, and more. If they have their own phone, your child can see incoming phone calls on their tracker, but they cannot receive texts or third-party app notifications.

    Kids can turn off phone notifications using the quick setting menu on the Ace 2 or within the Fitbit app. Like the original Ace, the Ace 2 is compliant with all child privacy laws.